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Key Fob for a car


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Key Fob Replacement for car

What is a Key Fob ?

A Key Fob for a car is a small electronic device that acts as a remote control and provides access to an automobile, without needing a key.  Sometimes, a car key with a chip embedded in the plastic head (without which you can’t start the car) is referred to as a transponder key fob. However, when talking about a car key fob, we are generally referring to a small remote control for a car.

The fob device contains the electronics that securely send and receive signals from the car to lock and unlock the car doors without needing to insert a key into a door lock.  Some devices offer additional features such as allowing you to control the opening and closing of the car windows, opening the car trunk, or a “panic button” to set off the car alarm.

Most new cars today already come with car key fobs. However, if your particular car doesn’t come with one, you can have a professional auto locksmith provide you with one and install the necessary component in your car.  Similarly, if you have lost your car key fob or have just purchased a used car, your auto locksmith can provide you with a replacement fob and/or reprogram an existing one for increased security.

It used to be that you had to go to a car dealer to get a new car key fob.  Unfortunately, dealers often charge unnecessarily high prices for these devices and for the programming process.  Today, however, it is easy to purchase these devices (either direct factory replacements or aftermarket models) and many certified auto locksmiths have the equipment to install and program the necessary electronics. This usually means lower cost and more convenience for the car owner.

When choosing a car locksmith company, you want to be sure that they have a reputation for being honest, doing high-quality work, and offering reasonable rates. It is also important that their locksmiths are properly trained to use the latest equipment.

Green Car Locksmith Los Angeles uses the most modern and sophisticated locksmith tools and machinery. Green Car Locksmith Inc. is fully licensed, insured and legally bonded. We can provide car key fobs and programming for all makes and models of cars.

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