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MG Car Keys

There’s nothing more pleasing than staring at your vintage GM and admiring it from afar. It really makes you want to hop behind the wheel, put the pedal to the metal and burn rubber, hitting the streets and turning heads wherever you go. There’s nothing more frustrating than staring at your vintage GM after having realized you forgot your car keys in your locked car, misplaced them or somehow managed to break them.

Green Locksmith Los Angeles – hands of mercy!

Green Locksmith Los Angeles specializes in exactly that type of heartache and key-ache. No matter what GM model you’re driving (or staring at from outside) be at a Y-type, Magnette, Maestro, Montego or any other type, we’ve been there before and done it before. Quite good, actually.

Replacing GM car keys – a job for pros!

Our entire staff of technicians is comprised of certified, extremely trained and thoroughly experienced professionals. Some of them have even worked at Cirque Du Soleil. But that’s really beside the point. What important is, is that they know exactly what they’re doing.

Leaving your GM to the best!

No matter how elaborate your GM’s keys etchings are our technicians are up to the challenge. If you’re unsure as to what GM model you’re driving – it’s actually not that important since our crews are fully capable of handling all GM models and successfully and smoothly replacing their keys, offering you a professional and swift solution.

Green Locksmith Los Angeles – not just replacing your GM keys

What we offer is so much more than mere GM keys replacement:

  • Professional and exceptional service – our technicians are fully trained in handling all types of cars and all models. There’s no car related situation they can’t handle. Just give us a call and they’ll show up on your doorstep with a key replacement solution at hand and a vast understanding of all emergency roadside needs.
  • Round the clock availability – no matter what time you’ll need us – we’re right here. Our dispatch center is manned 24/7 with professionals just waiting to take your call and come to the rescue.
  • Swift arrival – 30 minutes! And that’s a promise! No later than 30 minutes after you place the call one of our proficient technicians will be at your side, already at work on your GM, mere seconds away from putting you behind the wheel again.

Give us a call – we’re waiting!

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